Everyone’s Going Crazy Over Inflatable Hot Tubs!!

October 14, 2009


For those that do not want to spend the thousands of dollars on a traditional hot tub, there are now inflatable hot tubs that are made of long lasting materials but are at a fraction of the price.Each of the inflatable hot tubs are self contained units that allow the hot tub to be moved from place to place if the individual decides to do so. These portable hot tubs can also be found mounted onto trailers so that they can be rented out to various functions so that the individuals can mount the trailer platform and utilize the hot tub. Each hot tub usually ranges from as cheap as eight hundred dollars to as expensive as six thousand dollars depending on the quality of the materials used and the number of accessories that come with it.




Most of the inflatable hot tubs will fit about four adults in the tub. They are often made of soft materials that mimic leather so that sitting in the tub is a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The motor for the heater comes with the tub and the water treatment kit usually comes with it as well so that the user has all that he needs to get started with his portable hot tub experience. There are some inflatable hot tubs that have some other accessories and features not found on the cheaper versions. For instance, some come with steps to make it easy to get into the tub. Others come with built in waterfalls or water color change devices to make the tub as exotic as possible.


Portable Hot Tubs

There are some portable hot tubs that do not even run on electricity. For example, there is a wood burning hot tub which heats the water though the wood burning coils that comes with it. The water does not need to be heated before being placed into the tub. The water circulates through the coils naturally so that it is constantly being circulated back through the tub. The basket that holds the firewood can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the hot tub during its use. This type of portable hot tub, although cost efficient once it has been bought, is very expensive to begin with, costing around six thousand dollars for this hand made tub which should last a lifetime.

Although these portable wooden hot tubs are great options the big advantage of the inflatable hot tub is of course the price and flexibility that comes with it. In my honest opinion they are the way to go and if the popularity of them is anything to go by then everyone seems to agree.

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