Excitement Only- Indoor Skydiving Las Vegas

May 17, 2009


Indoor skydiving and flyaway indoor skydiving have become more and more popular since the early eighties. Due to the popularity of indoor skydiving more and more cities around the country are starting to build indoor wind tunnels. In addition to everyday vacationers, Celebrities seeking a form of escape often times try indoor skydiving Las Vegas for the extreme experience. Besides being more cost effective, indoor skydiving is a much safer way to experience the thrill of skydiving.  


When going to an indoor skydiving tunnel in Las Vegas for the first time, individuals will have to participate in  skydiving lessons so that they are aware of the basic safety information and flying techniques so that they can get started without becoming injured. If you have an interest in taking indoor skydiving lessons you shouldnt have to make a reservation for a class since most skydiving tunnels in Las Vegas offer these classes on a repeating basis. You will be able to take your first flight after the class is completed. After the basics are down then you can jump in and practice.

If you have an interest in traditional skydiving from an airplane then a good starting point would be Las Vegas indoor skydiving. Since the velocity of the wind tunnel air is normally around 120 miles/hr a person can indulge in free falling techniques to prepare for an airplane jump. Many experts use indoor skydiving as a means to practice and gain more air time thereby reducing the cost you would norally have in renting an airplane.

You need to weigh at least 40lbs if you want to try indoor skydiving in Las Vegas. In order to participate children will have to be with their parents. If there rules and safety procedures are complied with then any ages can participate in indoor skydiving since there is such a low rate of injury. Las Vegas tunnels have certain restrictions for air flight. To qualify for indoor skydiving an individual must meet certain weight to height ratios.   For women who are under five foot six inches, they cannot weight more than one hundred sixty pounds and for men under five foot six inches, they cannot weight more than one hundred eighty pounds.

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