Find Free Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, Jewellery, And Bags For Your Prom

March 24, 2009


Gen Wright asked:

oming up and you want to look your best. Thankfully for you spending a lot of money to look great is not a requirement! There are several ways to get really cheap or even free makeup, dresses, shoes, jewellery, and bags for your special night.

The first thing you should consider is borrowing. Whether it is for shoes or a dress, if you know somebody who is a similar size as you and has great taste you could have a great opportunity on your hands! Instead of spending a large amount of money on something you will likely only wear once you can look great for free! This can also work for jewellery – it is universal. Make sure to ask your family and relatives if they have any pieces you could borrow.

Another way to cut expenses leading up to prom night is to share things amongst yourself and your friends. If all of you are going to be using special makeup on prom night why not split the cost and buy it together? This will help reduce the cost and allow you to help each other out with the application of the makeup, a win-win situation. Bags are also a great thing to share – a friend may already have a bag that goes perfect with your outfit. Ask around!

If you have any local thrift stores they are a good place to look before prom. They often have amazing dresses that retail for hundreds of dollars very cheap or even free. Pick something out and try it on! They also carry shoes, bags, and jewellery for your special day. Go early before the good items have all been taken.

If you do not like the idea of a thrift store then you can try buying online. You can often find dresses and shoes online for a fraction of what they cost in stores! You also have a large variety to choose from so invite your friends over and browse together.

For accessories gather up all of your good ones and encourage your friends to do the same. Then invite them all over for a good night of sharing and trading! Instead of going out to buy new accessories you can trade ones you already own to friends instead.

Ask around about anyone who styles hair or does makeup professionally – a friend’s mother or aunt perhaps. If you can find someone that knows you or is a friend of a friend you may be able to get professional services at a reduced rate or even for free! Network and do your best to make connections. Plan ahead and take into consideration that they may be busy around prom time.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on prom – there are plenty of options out there to get everything you need cheaply or even for free. Have a great prom night!

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