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July 25, 2009


Wakeboard Hardware parts essential for correct and safe Wakeboarding

A working knowledge about wakeboard hardware is the secret to enjoying this acute water sport with a straightforwardness of mind. If you have watched any rider wakeboarding thru the dangerous wakes, you will immediately find the complete journey takes a few basic components. Unless each of these hardware parts function correctly, you might topple over any time and meet an accident.

Your primary knowledge will go a great distance to help find out defects or hardware malfunctions in time and make the obligatory changes to keep the wakeboarding experience safe. Hence, it always helps to have a basic idea about the configuration of the entire wakeboarding arrangement. After all, the board alone does not hit the waters. Each of the tiny and seemingly invisible accessories of the wakeboard hardware will work out how you fare thru the wakes.

In order to keep the complete wakeboarding configuration in sound shape, it may often become necessary to affix some additional pieces of wakeboard hardware. You should get hold of bones binding stiffeners to reduce the friction in the plates. The constant friction of the plates during your turns and jumps could lead to overheating and successive erosion of wakeboard parts.

The bones binding stiffener setup is made as a kit consisting of four bones, four binding screws and an Allen key. The binding stiffeners being made of technically milled aluminum come with set pins built to hinder them from revolving. The bones are particularly made to fit any type of holes.

Due to the violent motion and consistent tug and pull the wakeboards are put through, it is reasonably feasible to have a loose bolt at times that may eventually drop unnoticed into the water, turning your wakeboarding experience into a hazardous one. Hence, you should always stay on the safe side by keeping some binding wakeboard hardware on board during every single venture. These are cartable due to their lightweight, durable and easy to use during emergencies.

The wakeboard binding lubes available today with unique lubricating properties are different from conventional wakeboard binding lubes because of their fast water solubility and straightforward sliding. However, it is not enough to have the binding lubes alone – you typically need 4 binding clamps for CWB wakeboard bindings. If your wakeboard contains CWB bindings with six new Plates, you may use the clamps very conveniently without professional assistance.

In order to prevent your wakeboard fins from damage, you should generally stay prepared with a washer set and four-pack screws. These flat machine head screws measure 1.25 inches custom made to fit in the screw holes of any wakeboard. This set also contains both metal and plastic washers. Use the metallic ones for bigger strength and sturdiness while the plastic ones will be lightweight and free from the difficulty of rust.

If you are concerned about the screws leaving the threads, udders could help you fix this problem. The wakeboarding jugs are usually made of the same materials used in bowling balls and harder skate wheels to give you toughness and sturdiness. It is nice to remain provided with a 60-foot roll of grip tape to enhance your hold on your wakeboard.

Remember that wakeboarding is a dangerous sport and you should generally look after your head with wakeboard helmets designed with removable earpieces. You might substitute wakeboard towers with a pylon helped with four strong braces to gain that additional time in air for doing wonder tricks. Ensure you attach a stainless steel monkey bar, which is largely the tower, to the back of the wakeboard boat to keep its bow stable while performing your acute wakeboarding skills.

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