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July 25, 2009


Byerly Wakeboards- Wonderful mixture of Pretty Designs And Great Performance

Byerly Wakeboards is a brand that is unique in the world of wakeboarding. The folks involved in the designing and producing of the boards are one of the most well known personalities in the world of water sports. Hence, it isn’t not surprising that Byerly Wakeboards are so favored.

Who else can offer you such top quality wakeboards than the individual who popularized wakeboarding? What are the special features of Byerly Wakeboards? The wakeboard is awfully light, very robust and the best in terms of maneuverability. The complete range of Byerly Wakeboards forms the lightest wakeboards in the market. You can be rest assured that your Byerly Wakeboard will get you off the wake like a shot.

The most innovative feature employed in these wakeboards is the use of Glass Rope Edge Technology. The makers have fitted .25″ fiberglass edge to each and every board in its range. What does this do? This braces the weakest part of the board which is liable to maximum damage and wear and tear. The use of compression molding and glass technology gives plenty of strength to Byerly Wakeboards. Further, it enables the makers to reduce the thickness of the board to unthinkable levels without compromising one bit on technology. This is the reason why Byerly Wakeboards are the thinnest boards around. This leads to less weight, more control and really high maneuverability for the wakeboarding fan.

What makes Byerly Wakeboards stand out? Their mind blowing designs of course. Apart from the quality of the board, the appearance and the design sets it apart from all other makers. The use of colors, patterns and designs will certainly waken enviously and awe all other participators. Further, the boards will look fully great while performing tricks and stunts.

These boards have a 3 stage rocker that is built to quickly revert back to its original position without any delay. This guarantees the board is back to its original shape the moment you finish your maneuver. This makes it extremely straightforward to time your release and your pop. Further, the light weight of the board will help you remain in the air longer and will help you perform multiple stunts and tricks without any difficulty.

The use of high level technology and superior artistry ensures that these wakeboards last for ages. Each cent you invest in these wakeboards is worthwhile as you shall enjoy returns over a long period of time.

Unlike other wakeboards, these wakeboards have molded foot bed contours built to enable the individual to maintain complete balance at any time. The tip and the tail of these boards are purposefully made lean to provide maximum pliability to the rider. This product is meant to be a lot stronger than the normal froth core boards.

The best thing about Byerly wakeboards is that these can be purchased over the Net as well. You can try the photos and make your choice online. as you long as you select original boards, there shall be no quality or performance problems.

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