Find Out Helpful Secrets About The History Of Plyometrics

July 26, 2009


The catch phrase plyometrics seems to be applied to just about any not commonly known but effective workout regimen. Even if you include the world’s elite athletes the beginnings of this form of exercise are largely unknown. The truth is this exercise form started out as an exercise of training in the eastern parts of the globe.

Plyometrics was not always using that name. Initially it was referred to as “Jump Training”. And even then it only started to gain prominence when countries from the East started to take over certain track events. Leading to many to want to discover the secret to their success.

Of course all of this begin during the roaring 20s and then it was only used by athletes associated with track activities. These activities were repeated until it was integrated into a systematic training form. It wasn’t until other athletic events in the late 70s started to integrate the training techniques that it started to gain public awareness. This was really the case for athletic activities that require an emphasis on  to be successful.

Greek Root
The name Plyometrics was formed from the greek root “pleythyein” which loosely translated means “to augment” or “to increase”. The plyometric term was created by an American track and field coach in 1975 Fred Wilt. His thinking was to put together two latin words “pilo” and “metrics” which again roughly translated means “to measure” and “more”.

This contemporary system of activity was designed to enable the athlete to have quick and explosive movements. This will in turn lead to performance gains in their respective sports. What sets this training technique apart is that it makes use of muscle strength, elasticity and innervations to allow an athlete to hit harder, jump higher and throw farther.

This article has briefly touched on the history and origins of plyometrics. This article stated the science behind the technique’s success and who can use it to become more efficient. If you are an athlete serious about becoming better in your respective sport you should give it a serious look. Utilizing plyometrics in the correct way you should expect an increase in performance in any sport that requires explosiveness and agility. For more information on this exciting subject go to the how to dunk website.

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