Finding the Best Photographer

May 15, 2009


Have a special day coming up that you need to find a photographer for?  Well you’re in luck.  The experience I have gained as a San Diego Photographer will be to your benefit as I share some insights on what you need to do to find the right person for the job.  So before you roll the dice with any old photographer in the yellow pages, heed my quick tips and you will be very pleased in what photographer you find for the job.

Many people want to remember special memories with pictures so it is very important that you do research on your photographer, especially if it is a wedding, I know from first hand experience as a San Diego Wedding Photographer.  Start with friends and family.  See if they have any photographers that they would recommend to you.  This way you can start building your list of possible photographers.

After you have gathered that list from friends and family, you should see if they have a website and take a look at it.  Look at some of the work that they have done in the past.  Look to see if it is the type of shots and the style you want your pictures to be like.  If the photographers you have listed have their portfolios online, it will save you a lot of time because then you can narrow your list down even more by what you see.

Third, start to call up the photographers and conduct a phone interview.  Once you have narrowed your list of photographers down to about two or three you can call them up and begin your interviewing process.  You can then make an appointment to meet with the photographer and view their portfolios if you have not already viewed it online.  During these phone interviews it is important to ask questions.  The more specific you are with your question the better understanding you will get as to whether or not the photographer is the one you are looking for.  While on the phone you should ask the photographer to bring in his collection of coverage of one particular event so that you will know exactly what to expect from that photographer.

After you have completed the final steps of this process of narrowing down the field.  After you have gone through your interview process, it is time to pull the trigger and make a choice.  The factors you want to base your decision upon will be, does this person know what you want for that special day?  In other words, do they know your vision?  Also you want to make sure it is a person you like.  Getting along with a photographer for that special day is something not to be taken lightly.  You want it someone you match with personality wise, because the last thing you need is to have a stressful day.  If they meet your criteria, go ahead and choose one.

Doing these few but profound steps will help you in many ways.  The process will give you the opportunity to know your photographer more intimately then any other process.  Having this knowledge of him or her will allow you to connect with them, which is very important.  It will also let you see what their style and vision will be for the photo shoot.  And probably the most important part is the fact you will be at ease in your mind, because you have taken great care to find the right photographer.

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