Firework Games

May 16, 2009


When we were children we enjoyed firework games a lot. We used to go to the street or backyard to play with our firecrackers. At that time, firework games were not that unsafe. In those times, we use to take public transportation, many students used to go school alone, we used say hello to strangers. Anyways those were different times.

Among firework games we all enjoyed the most was playing with “rocket”. We used to do different thing with rocket, like setting the rockets against a rock in different angles, using tube to aim the rocket. Then we selected a target for the rocket to go through. The best ones were circular hoops, like old tires, or big bucket rims. The aim of the game was to make rocket go through the circle. When we didn’t have a hoop, we used try with other alternative available like disposable cups, cans etc.

Another game we used to play was “the flying can”. We used to compete with each other in this game, we used to choose the winner whose can goes to highest level. It was difficult to be a winner as most of the time all the cans flew at the same height, but we enjoyed it a lot. Sometimes we aimed it to sideways, and decide the winner whose can go farthest.

The firework game, the bigger boys used to enjoy most was using firecracker explosive inside a disposable plastic cup and watch it get blown up. Now we realize how dangerous those games were. Nowadays we have better options for playing firework games on Internet. There are various types of fireworks games available, you choose according to your level. Most of the firework games can be played online free of cost. You can enjoy this fireworks without investing much and it has no risk of getting burned also, so prefer online firework games instead of playing with real firecrackers. But if the child still wants to play, his parents or guardian with proper safety measures should accompany him.

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