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May 12, 2009


We have all noticed the huge increase in poker activity of late. What has happened to poker industry is truly remarkable. Now, we will look at what it is that people enjoy about poker, and why it has gained so much public interest.

What are the elements in the game of poker that pulls us into having interest in playing? The basic lure of poker, for most people, can be broken down to a few things inherent, and particular, about poker. Let’s take a look at a few of the things that draw us to poker.

We see a number of different head games that are a big part of the game of poker. Players enjoy the intrigue of influencing what your opponent might do. There also is the pleasure of concealment, not to mention the pleasure of calling out what your opponent is holding, and being right.

This one won’t surprise anyone. People love to gamble. Because of the TV coverage, people are now enjoying the tournaments you can play. You don’t need any special physical gifts to be a great poker player, so anyone can try.

Poker has really taken of in popularity. Why did this happen? Three separate yet intertwined events worked together to cause the poker boom First, a long time poker player invents a device to help poker on TV, then, poker hits cyberspace, the Chris Moneymaker wins the big one. Then, boom.

Back in 1995 a professional poker player patented a device that was called a hole card camera. This new invention gave us a look at what the players have in their hands while play was going on. This makes watching the hand play out much more interesting.

Following the hole card camera was poker on the web. Now, anyone with a computer could become a poker player. More and more people start coming to the tables due to Internet poker sites.

With pocket cam we started getting more and more people intrigued with poker through television. Additionally, the online poker rooms are adding to the player base, which spills over into larger prizes in the live events. The third event in this sequence triggered a rapid growth for the build up that had already started.

Amateur player Chris Moneymaker out dueled a large field, and some tough pros in the last two tables, to win the 2003 World Championships of Poker. The online poker presence at the live event made the purse swell to a huge number. The end result of all these events was that the poker industry boomed.

Big poker tournaments find the tables filled with many Hollywood super stars, everyone is getting into the game. Thanks to the perfect timing of these events, poker is generating huge amounts of money. This growth has shown no signs of slowing just yet.

When you look back, it is easy to see that these events set poker on this new, fast growing, course. Casinos in places like Las Vegas reacted by expanding or opening new poker rooms. This is no fad. Poker will be in the limelight for some time.

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