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June 13, 2009


David Johnson asked:

The competition for your business is getting hot and heavy in the TV programming business and if you are waiting for your cable service contract to expire before you make the move up to satellite TV programming, you may be too late to take advantage of this stellar promotional offer that the folks at DirecTV have waiting for you.

To start with they give you a free digital camera after you have taken your pick from their Total Choice series of programming packages and there is a lot more than that that they have for you. They also are going to give you a free Hughes satellite TV system with your choice of state of the art Hughes receivers. Hughes is the exclusive brand of satellite TV components that DirecTV carries and they chose them for their long standing track record in quality and reliability.

They are all crowded with great easy to use common sense features and functions that are anything but just whistles and bells. The whole system is installed free of charge at you home or place of business and DirecTV only uses its own team of installation experts, so the job is always done right. They also give you free installation in up to four rooms and they provide all the hardware, so you don’t have to supply or pay for so much as a thumb tack with this fantastic deal.

If you want to have more than one TV in your place connected to satellite TV programming, then that’s no problem either because DirecTV will give you all the receivers that you need for up to four TVs and still at no cost. If you haven’t yet listened to Sirius satellite radio, then you will with this deal, because they also throw in free satellite radio with your Total Choice programming package.

DirecTV is also constantly giving free channel trials to its family of TV viewers, so the free stuff doesn’t stop after you have signed on with them. DirecTV is also known for the most generous cash rebates in the business, so remember to ask about them too when you contact them. There are absolutely no catches or hidden charges with this offer so all that you pay for is the programming package that you select and nothing more. The satellite system is yours to keep and it also comes with and extended warranty.

DirecTV also has secured exclusive rights to two special sports channels that you can add on to your programming package and these channels are completely unavailable from any other TV programming service provider. They are NFL Sunday Ticket and NCAA Mega March Madness and they are chock full of games and special events and they also include tons of provocative commentary, debate and loads of exclusive interviews with leading sports figures. If you wait too long then this deal may change by the time you decide to take advantage of it. You can contact DirecTV online to find out more details on this one of a kind promotional offer.

Written by David Johnson. Find more information on a directv promotion as well as dishnetwork offer

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