From Dirty Dice to Soaring Skylines in Las Vegas

June 21, 2009


            Gambling and gaming has come a long way over the last hundred years. The early associations with gaming and gambling in this country were those of seedy back room bars, poker in the Wild West, and people shooting street craps in dusty streets and back alleys. Things may have remained that way for many years, but now, the entire gambling and gaming landscape has changed. Over the last several years we have gone from reviling gambling to glorifying it. We make movies showing the charm and appeal of gambling and casinos, we televise poker and make it one of the most popular nontraditional programs on sporting networks, and before that, we built an entire city around the notion of the casino. The transformation of Las Vegas mirrors the transformation of the way the country views gaming and gambling, because in a very real way, Las Vegas IS gaming and gambling.


            The Stratosphere Las Vegas is a shining example of the progress of the city. This casino resort and hotel marks its place clearly in the Vegas skyline, and is one of the visually most identifiable casinos currently on the strip. The hotel follows the pattern of many of the huge resorts and casinos in the city by offering great discount packages which combine a stay at one of the many well appointed rooms with a variety of other amenities in an affordable and attractive packaged deal. These packages include unlimited buffet passes, tickets to the great shows, or a room and party package which includes an unlimited happy hour.


            The Stratosphere in Las Vegas is now a perfect example of what people expect now when they start thinking about booking a holiday to the city. They expect class, luxury, high rolling gaming and nickel slots side by side. Great food is a must in any Vegas vacation, as is a wide offering of fantastic entertainment and stage shows.  The best thing about the recent trend in Las Vegas has been to make all of these luxuries affordable. The hotel chains, travel agents, and airlines have been coming together in strength to offer extremely affordable vacation packages to Las Vegas from all over the country. This trend has made these luxurious vacation experiences a lot more affordable to the general population, which has in turn made Vegas a more popular vacation destination than ever before.  It’s come a long way from throwing dice in a dirty back alley.


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