Gambling and Its Less Costly Alternatives

June 22, 2009


            The Spirit Mountain Casino is located in beautiful Oregon and is a premium gambling and gaming destination within the state. The casino is located in Grand Ronde Oregon, and brings tourists from inside the State and beyond to enjoy the great gaming and entertainment that you can find through its doors. It’s important to realize that although many people come to the casino for the gaming, there are plenty of other reasons to stay and enjoy the other forms of entertainment offered at the casino, such as a wide variety of stage shows and a regular schedule of world class singers, such as recent performer Dionne Warwick.


            Of course, many people have decided that gambling is not longer for them. In these difficult economic times, for some, gambling can be a fun release, but for others, it can be a use of their money which is not the most practical, so instead they look for other games they can play that provide some of the fun of the card games they used to play in casinos, but without the financial risk. One of the most popular games that people used to play is called Speed. The Speed card game can be played both with real cards, but is also played widely online on a number of sites which offer it as a flash card game. Speed is a simple game in which two players race against each other to see which one of them can dispose of their stack of 15 face down cards.


            Another popular card game, which is played both by people sitting around a table and on the internet, is Spades card games. There are a few different variations of this game, but usually it is a game for four players in which people are paired with the person sitting opposite of them. Spades is a simple trick game in which the spade suited cards are always the trump cards.


            Casinos and gambling are great, but they simply aren’t for everybody in this day and age. If you still enjoy gambling and are financially secure enough to do so without worries, then the next time you find yourself in Oregon you should check out Spirit Mountain, and for those who aren’t ready to go back to the tables, look towards more traditional card games for a fun alternative to some of the more expensive card games which you find when you go to a casino.


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