Gambling In NV and CA Both Good Options

June 21, 2009


            While casinos used to be the province of Las Vegas alone, more and more States have made it easier for more casinos to open within their borders, meaning that often, people do have an option for a great resort casino a little closer to home. It becomes more difficult to make the decision about going to Vegas or staying home when you live in California, because many people find the short trek from L.A. To Vegas a regular pilgrimage, but now, the ever improving options a little closer to home are making it a little more tricky to decide where to go to spend your resort and casino dollars.


            The State line CA and NV no longer represents the two different lifestyles that it might have once upon a time. The experience you might receive in a casino in either state is completely different, and it makes the decision a lot more about personal preference than which is actually better in any way.  The Las Vegas experience is more of the total vacation experience, and is as much about seeing the sites in the town, and the rest of the strip beyond your hotel, as it is about actually going to the casino in the hotel you’re staying in. Las Vegas is a tourist town, and there is now way about it. While that might provide you with a lot more to do, it can also be overwhelming for someone looking for a more short term fun night out at a casino resort.


            The Spotlight 29 Casino offers everything that you look for in Las Vegas much closer to home in Coachella, CA. This is not a resort facility, but a great casino and entertainment facility this close to home is perfect, because you don’t have to stay at a hotel on top of your initial expenses. This can make an outing to a Casino a lot more cost effective, and a lot more accessible to more people who might not be able to afford a full out trip to Vegas. This casino still offers a full scale gaming floor, great entertainment, world class dining, and all much closer to home for everyone who lives in L.A., making it a great alternative to Vegas.


            For other people however, nothing will ever be able to take the place of Las Vegas in their hearts, and they will still make their regular trips to stay at the huge and awe inspiring Vegas Strip hotels like the Stratosphere Casino.

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