Get Stacked With Stack and Tilt

August 9, 2009


Have you been following the new golf sensation? Catch up on the newest way to play golf using the stack and Tilt golf swing. This new technique is catching on all over and the professionals love it.The change from the traditional golf swing to the Stack and Tilt golf swing is very pronounced.You will see immediate results with just a little effort and practice. Mike Weir and Charles Wi are just two of the many professional golfers who have switched and are now thrilled with the results on their games.

This new way to swing a golf club from your drive right up to your approach shot to the green is amazing. The feeling is that this method will catch on and change everything in your golf game.The game of golf has always been a challenge to the professional that plays or practices seven days a week. Amateurs or week-end golfers will try anything to improve their game. Now with the new Stack and Tilt technique it is possible to see results faster than you can imagine. Bask in the admiration of your golfing buddies when you unveil your new Stack and Tilt golf swing at your local club.

Everyone will want to know what you are doing that is different. Will you be able to explain how you learned your new swing? Since 2007 Stack and Tilt has been creating a buzz in golfing circles.Andy Plummer and Mike Bennet – otherwise known as the Golf Whisperers – took many years to develop the Stack and Tilt. Your weight stays forward with the stack andTilt instead of transfering from one foot to another.  The set up is the important thing as at least 60 percent of your weight is on your front foot.

Online shoppers will find quite a bit of information and material that can be ordered to improve their golf game. Stack and Tilt has even been offered on a DVD as a visual aid in learning the tilt golf swing. Golf enthuthiasts that get golf magazines can find articles that will explain the technique.Senior golfers that find it hard to turn their bodies and shift their weight may well find this will improve their game.Wouldn’t it be nice to drop five or more strokes from your game with minimal effort

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