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June 3, 2009


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Football enthusiasts from all over the world anxiously anticipate every year the debut of the football season. Football betting is certainly a popular sport. Many people enjoy just watching a football match and supporting their favorite team. Even more people however add excitement to the game by making football picks. When there’s money at stake everything intensifies. But how can you know which bets are safe? We at are prepared to give you the best free NFL picks you can find.

If you want to get involved in football betting you should be aware that you will have to take quite a few risks. Some risks are smaller, others bigger, as there are no certainties to wagering. What’s important is accepting the risks and enjoying the thrill of the game. You should also try to be as informed as possible about the game before wagering. It is recommended that you watch football matches constantly and take notes of previous outcomes. This way you’ll get an idea of how certain teams are doing and what to expect from them. Keep a look out for players’ injuries and other special circumstances that might affect the play of a team. Sometimes weather can influence the outcome of a game. Other times the coach might do something to give you a hint on the outcome of the match or you may simply look at the team’s motivation to get an idea. For the best football picks however we recommend that you turn to a professional handicapper. Remember, they make football picks for a living and you can only benefit from their experience.

There are several ways to bet on football, including the halftime wagering method. A bet made after the end of the first half is called a halftime wager. These bets are solely based on what will happen in the second half of the game. Halftime bets are considered for the most part to be a more cautious breed of wagering. Before engaging in a wager you should do your homework. Take a long look at how the teams have performed in past games. Look at their performance in the first half and their evolution in the second and compare between matches. Also keep an eye open for spotting any tactics coaches may use repeatedly. Comparing a team’s performances at home and on the road or inside and outside the division is also a key factor when making the right football picks. If you pay attention to the first half of the game and do your research prior to the play, you stand a good chance of making some money out of your passion for football. If you want the input of a professional who is familiar with all of these research tactics don’t hesitate to visit our website and get the best free NFL picks.

A great deal of the NFL excitement can be found in college football games also. These games have a certain something to them, players fight for school prestige and glory and dream of playing in the NFL one day. There are no salaries involved, just hopes and dreams and that’s what makes college football so spectacular. Of course there’s not so much at stake as in the NFL games. This could be a good thing, depends how you look at it. Because the pressure is somewhat lesser, college football coaches don’t hesitate to try trick plays and therefore the games can be very exciting. With college football you should keep in mind that the players are not professional like in the NFL, so don’t make your bets just like you do with NFL games. Rivalry is a very important issue when college football is concerned. If two rival teams play each other there’s a good chance the game will be pretty tight, no matter what the general level of each team is. Also, with college football players are less adaptable than the pros. They usually stick to the initial game plan; they don’t have such a good ability to adapt to a sudden twist of the situation as the pros. If you’re interested in betting on college football as well, we at Wunderdog Sports Picks offer you free college football picks as well as free NFL picks.

Whether you enjoy the NFL football games or prefer watching college football, we have the finest football picks. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and get the free NFL picks you were looking for. Remember, it’s always best to get your tips from professionals.

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