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June 20, 2009


Playing slot machines in the casinos around the world has become a very popular way to risk money in the hopes of winning big money. The reason for this is quite easy. Most casino type games require specialized skills and knowing several different rules. There are different versions of several games and they all require the knowledge of a different set of rules. Slot machines are much different.


Anyone who walks into a resort or casino can play the slot machines without any type of specialized knowledge or training. There isn’t really any way to teach playing the slot machines except to just go ahead and do it. By simply putting in various levels of changes (nickels, dimes, quarters) you increase the level of payouts. The good thing is that you don’t have to go to a casino anymore to enjoy the risk involved in playing slots.


Even better than that, you can play slots online free at many places before you have to actually pay anything. A lot of people just want to play for the fun of it and don’t worry about risking any of their money. Online sites like SlotsMama even let you play entirely for free all the time.


Online slot machines work on a computer program that randomly picks the combination of numbers and symbols at random. This can be set automatically before each game session until that combination is reached, or with every click of the mouse to spin the wheel.


A lot of online slot machine websites have special, and sometimes hard to configure, software that needs to be downloaded and installed. Most of the time this software works with most computers, but there are those ones that are not compatible the operating system you are using. If this happens, you either change your operating system or you simply can’t play there.


The better way to play online slots is if you can find slots no download. This simply means that instead of downloading any software to your computer you are using a flash macro video player. This is can run on any type of operating system and causes no problems with your computer. There isn’t anything to download and can eventually lead to bigger payouts than the Las Vegas style slot machines.


With a variety of different types of slot machine games available, give online slot machine playing a try. You will see that the principles are the same and it is a lot more fun. Add to that the fact that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to visit a casino you can pretty much play slots anywhere.

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