Getting the Most Out Of the Slot Machines You Play

June 20, 2009


In many casinos around the country, some people will walk right by them. But, for most, the allure of maybe winning a few dollars to even tens of thousands of dollars is too tempting to pass up the several slot machines to play. Slot machines are a random act of luck. There is no strategy of secret winning tips that can make your chances of winning any better. The best you can do is put in your money, pull the handle, and hope for the best.


However, that doesn’t account for one simple part of the equation. With the amount of slot machines available to play today, not one of them is made the same. They are all different. Much like people all over the world are not identical, slot machines have their own little telltale signs. Learning how to read them will help you with your slot machine gambling.


The first thing to be aware of when playing slot machines is the level of denomination you must play in order to pull the handle. Denominations range from just a penny to up to $20 bills. Nickels, dimes, quarters – while they are the most bountiful – give way sometimes to higher denominations for the chance of hitting a bigger jackpot.


Slot machines also have different attributes that must be looked after. Some machines work on progressive slots. Basically this means that with each game pays, a certain percentage is taken and placed in a larger pool for a Mega Jackpot or Million Dollar Payday. Look out for those machines that are linked together in the casinos to offer several of these large progressive slot payouts or even mini payouts. Your money could be paid out to someone else sitting right next to you.


Another sign to look for is if the machine has multiple pay lines. This is a great way to increase your winnings by playing more than one pay line on a machine instead of playing several machines. The slot machine software used to run these multiple pay lines is much more improved in the video slot machines, allowing up to 9 different lines, than in the older mechanical machines, that pay on three different lines.


Playing slot machines can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be a pretty costly one too. Walking by a slot machine in a casino is very hard to do, but watch out for these signs and you’ll see if you should sit and play or walk on by and look for another opportunity.


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