Good care tips for foxtail palms

October 24, 2009


One of the best looking palms around to have and to grow are the foxtail palm trees.It is a beautiful palm tree that gets it’s name from how the foliage is.  Each leaf looks like a fox tail.The name is derived because of that very fact.  It is originally from Australia but is now grown in a variety of landscapes.Since the foxtail is native to Australia you will have to take care of it in a specific way.In the following article some of the ways shall be looked at.

First of all you have to be aware of the climate that foxtail palm thrives in. Because it likes drier climates the sunbelt areas are great for growing them.It you try to plant it in an environment that isn’t like that, then the problems start to begin.  Because in colder climates it can develop various diseases.Another thing that isn’t good for the foxtail are wet soils because the root will begin to rot.  So the best thing to do is keep the soil dry and well drained.

Next thing to look for if you are in the market to buy palm trees is to not overwater the foxtail.  Although resistant to most insects and bugs it can get fungal disease. The main cause is due to overwatering.The thing that is best for you to do is to have good drainage and not overwater.For a palm tree that has a reputation for being one of the hardier of palms, that should be easy to look out for.

Finally the foxtail palm can be grown quite easily.  Some palm trees like coconut palm tree aren’t so easy to grow as a foxtail.That is a big reason that more people are beginning to like foxtails.They work well either in full sun or it can be partly shaded.Another thing is you don’t have to do much pruning.  For most people who love low maintenance this palm tree is good.

So those are some benefits of the foxtail palm tree.As you can tell even though it’s popularity isn’t as great as some palms, it has many benefits of it’s own.

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