Great Ideas To Follow When Choosing The Highest Quality Boat Motor

October 18, 2009


Buying a second user boat motor can be far less expensive than buying one new.  You want to be extremely careful about which used ship motor you select because selecting the wrong one will cost you more time and cash in costly repairs.  The most significant part of purchasing a used boat motor is to conduct an in depth inspection.  Look for exterior cracks and corrosion which might be sign of internal damage to the engine.  Repairing these things can be very pricey.  If buying a used outboard motor you need to also inspect the prop shaft for any bent areas.  If the propeller’s hub does not wobble while it is spinning it is maybe in good shape.  It is also vital to check the nameplate for complete model and serial numbers.  This can help shield you from buying a nicked ship motor.  

It is also vital to hear the ship motor while it is operating at both idle and full speed.  This can give you a feeling of issues which will exist in the carburetor or ignition.  If you can, check whether the used boat motor is able to make the transition from neutral to reverse and neutral to forward.  If you’ve a ship mechanic that you trust it is a good idea to get them involved in your search for a good used ship motor.  

When you have found a second user boat motor which is in good working condition it will be time to make your purchase.  It’s important that you protect yourself from fraudsters whether you are shopping on the web or offline.  Sometimes unfair people will try to sell you a second user ship motors with false claims and documents.  Always ask the seller for legal documents related to the sale of the ship motor.  The documents should include the sales price, technical specifications of the motor, and model and serial numbers. 

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