Great Lessons To Be Learned On The Soccer Field

October 27, 2009


Sports programs reinforce positive character traits in young children that they will develop until they reach adulthood, enabling them to become more production members of society. That is why many people stand firmly behind the athletic programs in our schools. Kids learn a lot of valuable life lessons by being a part of the youth soccer that can be found across our great land.

One thing that they learn is a form of mental strength they can never learn any other way. You can never be taught that kind of mental fortitude from reading a book. The child soon learns that not every day is going to be great. They will have both good days and bad days. They learn that when they hit a rough patch to take it in stride and work hard for a solution!They learn to deal with the tough times and enjoy the good times.

The tangible benefits resulting from increased physical fitness is another lesson they soon discover as their muscles tone up and their endurance increases. Instead of sitting on the couch eating chips and playing a sports simulation on the game station they get the thrill and benefits of the real thing with better muscles and better internal body parts.

The social benefits are immense. Today a lot of children become solitary and standoffish, essentially keeping to themselves a lot. Children learn to cooperate with others better by playing soccer, and this lesson will serve as a sturdy foundation as they grow into mature adults and enter the business world. Because as we all know the letter “I” is missing from the word team and this is a great lesson to learn early in life.

Too many times children learn that they can point the blame to others for the mistakes that they make, and a lot of times they can get away with it. Not the best lesson in the world to learn, but none-the-less it’s one that they do learn. However, accountability is an extremely valuable lesson children learn when playing soccer. If they are responsible for being goalie and they miss the ball (pardon the pun) then they are held accountable for making that mistake. Taking responsibility for your actions is a powerful lesson to learned, especially when grasped at a very young age. They also learn that responsibility come in the form of reliability. The rest of the team is relying on you to do your part and you have to be dependable for that to happen.

Finally the child will learn the ability to see past themselves and that they are a part of a much greater plan. That will help to get them ready for life and to lose the selfishness that typically accompany children as they grown through he formative years and into a young adult.

Children learn that the success they enjoy on the soccer field is directly related to the amount of effort they put forth to improve their game. It gives an awesome boost in their self-esteem when they hear their coach and team mates praising their efforts by saying, “Great Job!”.┬áMany coaches choose to bestow personalized soccer awards for special accomplishments on the field, such as MVP, most goals, most improved player, etc. Children quickly learn that working hard to improve has it’s rewards. Many times there is an awards ceremony at the end of the season to celebrate accomplishments players achieved as well as the highlight for the team as a whole. Kids learn to celebrate the achievements of their team mates as well as their own. Soccer gifts are given by many coaches at this time to every member of the team as a keepsake and also to insure that nobody feels left out.

Soccer is a wonderful sport that can teach many valuable lessons children in their formative years, ingraining a good moral foundation and a strong outlook of right and wrong

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