Great Tasting Sushi for Home

June 23, 2009


Sushi is one of the most delicious foods you can eat anywhere. Most of the time it is usually enjoyed in great Japanese restaurants.

But sometimes a person wants to make sushi at home.  I should know.  I own a Sushi Restaurant Murrieta and get asked all the time by my customers. They always try to find out what the secret is to great sushi that they can make at home?

I always kid around and tell them it is impossible and they will have to always come to my restaurant. But seriously, if you are looking for great pieces of advice for great sushi you can make at home, pay attention.

First off, have a great time.  Remember, you are not trying to make this for a Sushi restaurant Menifee full of people. You more than likely are making it for relatives or friends.

Remember great tasting food doesn’t have to look beautiful. So relax, remember you are going to go through a learning curve.

For the rice, remember it is going to be sticky. So if you do not want rice all over the place, wash your hands often.

Another great tip is to try and not make the biggest sushi in the world. Yes everything tastes great.  But when you try and put too much ingredients into one roll it will be a disaster.  You will have rolls that don’t roll up. You’ll have the ingredients all over the place spilling because it will be overstuffed.

Just don’t do it.

Fourth piece of advice, be gentle. Resist the urge to use a lot of force. When you make Sushi, all you have to do is gently roll. To much force with your fingers and the rolls end up looking funny or have an odd shape.

Final tip is using of knives. Obviously when you make sushi, it requires small bits of fish. Well if you don’t want the fish to tear, moisten the knife.  This allows you to cut into the knife evenly. You will have nice pieces of fish that you are able to put into the sushi.

There you go.  Follow these few steps and you will be making great sushi like at my Sushi Restaurant Hemet.

Making Sushi doesn’t have to be hard. It has to be fun and enjoyable, but more importantly delicious.

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