Guide To Buying Sports Equipment That Is Used

May 14, 2009


The popularity of sport is now absolutely massive. There are many more sports around, better media coverage, more people taking part and a lot more money floating around. Having said this, not a great deal of the money is seem at the amateur level and so the majority of us are required to pay for accessories and equipment ourselves if we are to take part. Couple this with the increasing costs of new gear due to more advanced technologies and science influences, and you might begin to feel that the best stuff is out of your price range. However, if you put the new purchases on hold for a while and check out whats on offer in the second hand market, you’ll be surprised at the bargains you can get your hands on.

A second hand mountain bike absolutely is one of those items that you can get a really good deal on. Because cycling is so popular there are loads to choice from and this drives the second hand market price down. Additionally this means that should you need a replacement component, there are usually lots around. Avoid buying a cheap brand bike as they are not built to last but higher quality makes will do you well for many more years to come.

If you’re into surfing then getting a number of second hand surfboards definitely is a must. You’ll naturally find the best deals around costal areas where there is plenty of supply and shops often have a good range of them as well. There are many different surfing conditions and most wave junkies carry a selection of different surfboards at all time, buying second hand boards to complete their ‘quiver’. Additionally, you don’t have to spend your time worrying about whether or not they will get damaged so you can try out new surf without panicking all the time. Avoid heavily water-damaged board or ones that have large cracks or puncture marks.

Second hand kayaks definitely are a more sturdy beast altogether. You’d have to try pretty hard to do any major damage them, which means there are lots and lots of great used ones available that are as good as new. Make sure you get a full run-down of the boats history when making a purchase and steer clear of holes, even if they are quite inconspicuous. Holes will undermine the boats integrity and are not worth risking your money on

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