Have A Great Holiday At An Aspen Ski Resort

June 4, 2009


Aspen Colorado ski resorts are amongst the oldest and most popular in the region, the most well known one had been on Ajax Mountain. It was established back in 1947 with what at the time was the longest ski lift in the world. Another nearby ski resort is the Aspen Highlands.

Of all the Aspen resorts, Ajax Mountain is better suited for intermediates to experts. Due to its steeper slopes, it is not a place recommended to beginners. It is undoubtedly the ideal place for people who really want to challenge and/or people who are experienced of skiing.

Beginners might find the slopes of a nearby resort to be more to their taste. The Aspen Highlands is fantastic for those who prefer less of a physical challenge and a more relaxing atmosphere. If you’re a lover of snowboarding or simply want to try it out, Buttermilk Mountain is a great area to start out at. Aspen Highlands consist of 420 acres, so there’s plenty of room for everyone without the worry of over-crowded slopes.

Twelve miles away from the town of Aspen, there is the enormous area of Snowmass which at over 4500 feet in height, it certainly provides a world of pleasure for skiers of all types. It has no less than 84 runs some of which can take as long to ski down as it takes to leave the town. If you choose to take your skiing holiday here, it might be a better idea to find accommodation in the immediate area.

Aspen ski resorts offer such a variety of slopes that you’re sure to find some that suit you. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned skier—there are plenty of ski resorts to choose from in and around the Aspen area. To make your stay easier, try booking your accommodation and vehicle rental in advance.

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