Hold Em Rule

May 6, 2009


If you play poker these days, you usually are a no limit Texas holdem player. All the new Texas holdem tournament players are trying to get better at the game. Tournament rookies should find these tips helpful.

When it is your play do not just call the bet, make a nice raise if you are the first player entering the pot. Being the first one in the pot with a raise gives you initial control of future play. The plan is that by making a bigger pot, you stand to make more when you hit the flop big.

Play often when you have good position. Especially when the blinds are low, or you have a big stack. You want to see flops when you have position on your opponents. I love calling small raises with hand like 89o when I am on the button. When they hit you can double up.

To win tournaments you need to learn how to play with a short table. When you have only four or five opponents, you need to step up your play. The blinds are usually big at this point, so you need to be offensive minded with your game.

Short stack situations require a specific style of play. When you a running low on chips do not play speculative hands, play pairs and high cards, and just push all-in. Do not let the blinds keep shrinking your stack, push in when you can to stel the blinds.

You can be any type of player with a deep stack of chips. If you get deep stacked, stay aggressive. Keep trying for more chips. Most people will not fold an over pair, so hitting a small set is perfect for stacking an opponent with a big pair.

It is even more important to make a large sized raise when you will be out of position playing the hand. Just take the chips and move on if everyone folds. A big raise followed up with another nice bet after the flop will win the pot most times.

How many chips you have will always be a factor in your choice of plays. Remember that your opponent will play different depending on how many chips he has. The small stacks will be looking to re-raise all-in if they suspect you might fold. Make sure you think about this before raising the pot.

The tournament must be very deep stacked for a safe solid style to take you far. Most champions are aggressive players. Go for a big stack early in these tournaments. The idea is that you will be better off having a ton of chips twice, out of say 15 times, rather than having a small stack 5 or 6 times out of fifteen. You will make more money from the two tournaments that you have a big stack, than from the 5 or 6 small stack runs.

You opponents will play against you according to the style they think you play. Try to become aware of how they think you play. If you create a loose image, people will not fold to you as much. A loose image will make you more chips when you have good hands.

Many players quickly learn the basics. However, to play on a high level, there are a lot of things to learn. With online poker rooms you can play lots of tournaments every day to hone your skills.

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