Holdem Strategy Card

May 7, 2009


In recent years, no limit Texas holdem has surpassed seven-card stud as the most played poker game in the casinos. With so many new players popping up, people are looking to learn more about the game. We have listed a few examples of things to do and think about when you play in tournaments.

If you like your hand, raise if you are the first to put money in the pot. By taking this aggressive approach, you can win pots even when you miss the flop. Pre flop raises help you win more from bluffs, and your good hands.

Position is king in no limit holdem. So, play a lot of hands when you are in position. Always consider your position at the table when deciding if you will play a hand. The best hands to play from good position are ones that will be well disguised. Unsuspecting players will pay you nicely.

There will be times when you play at a table with only a few players. The short table game needs to be played with more aggression than a full table game. You will find the blinds eating up you stack if you do not stay active.

When you are low on chips, you must alter your playing style. You options become limited, with an all-in bet being the only play in many cases. When someone raises the pot, either go all-in, or fold and wait for a better spot.

A large stack of chips gives you lots of style options. When you have the chips, try to be aggressive, open up your game. When you are deep stacked it is important to fold some good hands.

When you will be out of position after the flop, raise more with your good hands. Just take the chips and move on if everyone folds. It is a good play to follow up with a big bet after the flop. This will win you most hands right there.

You always need to consider your stack size when choosing how to play a hand. Also check your opponents stack size. When a short stack pushes all-in, he might have a very weak hand and you can call with mediocre hands if you can afford it.

It seems counter intuitive, but taking more risks is the best chance to win a tournament with massive fields. Taking some chances to build a big stack gives you power over the short stacks later when you succeed. The idea is that you will be better off having a ton of chips twice, out of say 15 times, rather than having a small stack 5 or 6 times out of fifteen. You will make more money from the two tournaments that you have a big stack, than from the 5 or 6 small stack runs.

If you realize what your opposition thinks of your game, you will gain a nice edge on him. If you create a loose image, people will not fold to you as much. It takes more feel, but the loose image will score you big pots when you finally have the big hand.

The game of no limit holdem is not that difficult to understand. Getting your game to a profitable level is not so simple. With online poker rooms you can play lots of tournaments every day to hone your skills.

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