How Has Gambling Changed?

July 22, 2009


Gambling has always been a part of history, but for the last few hundred years it has really been something that has defined certain eras. Gambling has had a rather tumultuous history. Many people have made their fortunes, and even lost their lives with this form of playing games and betting on the outcome. Old west gamblers are notorious for their way of handling gambling, especially in the form of cheating. The roaring ’20’s and ’30’s were also big times of gambling and also historic significance. It wasn’t until the ’70’s, however that gambling really became an art form instead of just a hobby for money.


State’s got into the gambling action with their state fun lotteries. What started out, as a way to add revenue to the state coffers quickly became a highly specialized, high tech business. A state lottery, the Missouri Lotto as an example, can earn revenue for the state, while also giving people the thrill of gambling with very little risk. For just a $1 a ticket (different states have different options which could cost more), a person can check to see if the numbers they chose on their ticket were the ones drawn the previous night. If so, they could win millions of dollars in jackpot winnings. It not, then they are out a dollar.


Scratch tickets and Powerball, something like the Missouri lottery powerball, are not the only ways that gambling has changed over the years. Gone are the days of the speakeasies and underground gambling houses. Today there are multi-billion dollar casinos that are being built all over the country. Several states are changing their gaming laws because they see the potential that it can bring to their state.


However, as some things have changed, so some things have stayed the same. Mississippi Riverboat Casinos are still in operation along the great lady and still contain the same mystique they once did. They don’t float anymore, most are lavish hotels and resorts that are docked year round, these riverboat casinos are always full and contain several floors of gaming, lodging, dining, and entertainment.


Gambling has always been a part of history, and will continue to be so. Whatever the changes that have been made, will again give way to newer laws, newer methods, and much improved technology. The money that can be made, changed hands, and sent into state coffers is just too much to be ignored.

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