How to convince a spouse to consult a marriage counselor

October 24, 2009


Undergoing marriage struggles is one of the hardest problems that people can have.It does not matter if you are a new couple or have been for a long time.  It is a tough thing to go through.  It really affects not just the couple but other aspects of our lives.Their kids can also be affected.  It can affect work as well.So, how can one convince his/her other half to undergo marriage therapy?  This article hopes to answer that.

You might be wondering why it is important to convince your spouse? Because it is proven time and time again in my San Diego marriage counseling practice that a lot of times only one person wants help.  That is when it is tough to get them to believe they need help.If that would be the case then you must have the knowledge on how to show to them that their realtionship needs help.Of course it would still be up to them to decide if they still want to save their realtionship.If they both decide to go on with their lives separated from each other then nothing can really help.

So when one person comes to me needing help as a San Diego marriage therapist I try to come up with ways to show the other person they need help.And one way I try to convince that other person is by showing how serious their problems are.I try to show them that their problems as a couple also affect their whole family.  I try to show them how it is affecting other areas of their life.Usually, that woudl be enough to convince them to undergo counseling.That would be if they still want to reconcile with their other half and patch things up.

Now doing couples counseling San Diego there are times when the other person doesn’t want to fix the relationship.If that is the case then the other half who wants help must have other plans to convince his/her other half.But what can one still do if the other one has already decided that he/she wants out.You can tell them what mistakes they did but if they are not listening then nothing would happen.

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