How to Determine if You Can Benefit From a Sports Handicapping Service?

May 18, 2009


Michiel Van Kets asked:

We are either valuators’ or self-directed individuals looking for quality advice and guidance to assist us in making our NFL football picks, college football picks, basketball picks, MLB picks and NHL picks. Unfortunately, our daily schedules usually get in the way and don’t allow us to spend the time we need to analyze our sports picks. That is why we end up making poor, uninformed and uneducated betting decisions. If you belong into this category, you are not alone. The vast majority of us want to make the final decision but we don’t have the time to research all the ins and outs. What we are seeking is the help of a professional handicapping service to aid us with our NFL picks, college football picks, basketball picks, MLB picks and NHL picks.

If you are only betting small amounts of money it may not make financial sense to hire a handicapping service. You need to factor the cost of the service with respect to how much you are betting. Generally, if you are betting less than 15-20 dollars per game than it may not make sense to buy NFL picks, college football picks, basketball picks, MLB picks or NHL picks. Nevertheless if you are losing a lot on your own, you may still want to consider advice from an expert. Just keep in mind; you have to cover the cost of a handicapper service with your profits.

Professional sports handicappers dedicate hours researching and analyzing games to succeed in sports betting. Every second a bet is placed there is hopes that this time is the big win. More often than not of course we end up losing money or winning just a little here and there.

The truth is that unless you have the time to dedicate 50 plus hours per week evaluating game situations, statistics, trends, injuries, etc, you probably could benefit from a professional sports handicapping service. Those who win money from betting know that any long-term success in sports handicapping can only be achieved through hours of study and research. This can be a real issue if you hold down a fulltime job.

The best comparison for this can be drawn from the stock market. We all want to pick and invest in the best performing stocks but we usually don’t have the time to spend estimating the financial health, prospects, earnings, etc of each company. Instead most of us rely upon the advice of financial experts to make our investment choices. Once again, since the vast majority of us are valuators’, we want to make the final decision but we are seeking the aid and assurance from a professional. Thus we hire a financial advisor or buy stock research reports to help us choose and invest in winning stocks.

Fortunately there are handicapping websites that will provide you with sports picks and comprehensive game analysis so that you can employ a winning sports betting strategy. One thing to keep in mind is the importance of using a handicapping service that will give you a choice of experienced and proven experts to choose from. Some handicapping sites only offer sports picks and advice from one or two handicappers, but others have a host of award-winning handicappers to evaluate, hire and select from.

What it comes down to is that if you are a valuator or self directed individual and your time is rare, or if you are betting continuously, or if you are losing money on your own, it may be time to sign up and consult an expert. A first-class handicapping service will be consistent over time and will give you a wide variety of professional advice to choose from.

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