How To Dunk

June 2, 2009


It is the most celebrated shot in basketball. It is the dream of the average player and it is an in-the-face “statement” that a good player makes to the other team. It is the slam dunk. We all know WHAT it is, and most of us WISH we could do it. But how do you dunk a basketball?

Before We Get Started

Before an average player should even think about dunking, he should take an inventory and be realistic. A player’s height and his athletic abilities are the two main factors that determine from the beginning if he will ever be able to dunk. Not to say that it’s not possible, but there are very few 5-6 players that will ever be able to jump high enough to dunk. In fact, an average sized person will have to have above-average abilities in order to be able to dunk. Be realistic with yourself. At the same time, don’t limit how high you can jump before you even get started. Many people have made spectacular increases in their vertical jumping ability. It takes hard work, but it will be worth it.

Things that should be evaluated before you start:

1.) Is height a problem? You can’t change this. You CAN improve your vertical leap, but you still may never be able to dunk. But, that is okay! Develop other aspects of your game.

2.) Are you carrying too much weight? By carrying more weight than you should, you are limiting yourself right from the start.

3.) What are your athletic abilities? Some players are just gifted at being able to jump. It can be developed as well, but understand where you are starting. Measure your vertical leap before you start. This will show how you are progressing.

4.) Are you in good physical shape? Jumping uses muscle groups from the whole body. Just having strong legs alone is not the answer.

Let’s Get Started

Begin by making sure you are in the best overall shape you can be. This includes all other body parts as well as your legs. In order to reach your ultimate jumping potential, you need to start in good overall shape. You use your entire body while performing a jump, so it stands to reason that your entire body needs to be in shape. While this part of the process isn’t glamorous, it needs to be done. A strong foundation is necessary to achieve the best results. Begin with this and you will be rewarded down the road.

For the remainder of the article on How To Dunk a Basketball, see our website on How To Increase Your Vertical Jump.

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