How to Encourage Music Learning

August 24, 2009


Its only in recent years that I have really appreciated the advantage that I had through growing up in a very musical family. Both my mother and father were amateur musicians, my mum playing piano and dad playing jazz guitar.

Having children of my own I can see how they have benefited from having access to guitars and other musical instruments as they’ve grown up. We’ve never forced them to attend music lessons or learn the piano or violin against their will. Instead they’ve been allowed to develop their own interest, just as I was, and this approach has clearly been good for them.

One of my sons has no interest in making music whatsoever. He is far more interested in football and online gaming. However his older brother was bashing out rhythms on a toy drum kit from about the age of three. By the time he was seven he was easily capable of accompanying my rock and roll guitar playing on his child size drum kit.

My daughter has always like to challenge her mother and me, ever since she was a very little girl. However, in recent years she too has begun to take a keen interest in music but for her this involves DJing and playing her music so loud that it prompts our neighbours to ask if it can be turned down. Her interest in DJ equipment and modern dance music has led to her developing skills in music production using computers and it’s looking like she will progress to a music technology course at college.

I think that parental influence is a significant factor in the developing interests of our children. We’ve tried to provide very clearly defined boundaries while encouraging them to be independent. Their independence and self reliance is becoming increasingly apparent as they grow toward adulthood. We just wish that our daughter wouldn’t play loud drum and bass music prompting our neighbours to complain about the noise.

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