How To Hack Poker Stars

May 11, 2009


Texas holdem, no limit in particular, is now the most played version of poker. With so many new players coming into the game, we thought we would try to give you some ideas to improve your play. Playing tournaments are not as simple as some think. Below are some tips to help out.

Tournament poker requires aggressive tactics. You should make a nice sized bet if you are the first one to open the pot if you want to play the hand. By making a raise, you take control of the hand. The other good side of raising pre flop is you stand to make a lot of chips if you catch a big hand.

Playing in position gives you a big advantage over your opponent. Use this advantage whenever you can. The value of having position is under rated by many players. They just play the cards. Sometimes raising from the middle of the board can drive out the players after you, including the dealer, giving you position on all the other players who play the hand.

Most people do not know how to adjust their game with only 6 or less players at the table. Play an attacking game when the table is short. There is only one option when the table is short. You need to play more hands.

Short stack situations require a specific style of play. Playing with a short stack you often need to go all in if you decide to play. It is a bad move to play speculative hands when it costs a lot of your chips to call a bet.

A large stack of chips gives you lots of style options. I think you will find that the best players take an offensive and active style when playing with a lot of chips. Try not to be one of the fools who will lose his entire stack with top pair, top kicker with blinds at 10/20 and a stack of 3,000 chips.

It is even more important to make a large sized raise when you will be out of position playing the hand. Not raising is very dangerous. When you are called, you know your opponents hand range better.

You always need to consider your stack size when choosing how to play a hand. You must also consider the stack size off any opponent you might face. If a short stack just calls from under the gun, be wary of him having a very good hand.

It is very hard to go deep in a big field event (one with thousands of players) if you play too safe. If you play aggressive, and build a big stack you will have your best chance to win. You will bust out early more often, but when things go good you will have a chance to go all the way if you play aggressive early.

You need to stay aware of your table image. If you appear to be a wild and loose player, you will get little respect. Use this to your advantage. When you play a loose image well, you will make up for some of the lost chips on wild goose chases by scoring big more often on your good hands.

The core of no limit holdem is not overly difficult to understand. Getting your game to a profitable level is not so simple. No limit Texas holdem takes a lifetime to become a great player.

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