How to Make Your Favorite Sport More Fun with Glow Sticks?

June 28, 2009


With glow sticks, you can now work out and play your favorite sports outdoor well after sunset.Safety is alawys a concern with any type of sports, not to mention playing at night.

Jogging in twilight is a habit for many sports lovers but it can pose danger if you are not  seen well. Grab a couple of glow sticks when out jogging. Glow sticks make you and your pet much more visible to people, bikes and vehicles around you, providing safety. Usually the 4” long 10mm diameter glow sticks are recommended size for joggers as they are quite portable but bright enough too.Tape one on the front of the body and one on the back so you can be seen from both directions and also by taping instead of wearing with a pendant the glow sticks won’t interfere with jogging.Activating is easy, simply bend and snap and the glow sticks are ready to go.

Nowadays more scuba divers have switched to glowstick  for underwater lighting. Scuba diving is already challenging, so carrying heavy light equipment wouldn’t help.  The solution is very portable glow stick.Under the sea, you would need a reliable lighting source.  Not relying on battery or any other external energy, glow stick are one reliable underwater lighting tool.They are a great tool for marking and helping with underwater direction.

Moonlight Golfing: try to avoid the crowd and have more flexible time for golfing? With glow golf balls, glow sticks and glow necklaces, you can play golf well after sunset! Glow sticks and glow necklaces can be used to light up tee areas, fairways, carts, flags and the players. With so many different sizes, shapes of glow sticks and glow necklaces, there are many options available.In group golfing, assign a unique color glow stick and glow necklace to each team to facilitate communication and coordination.

Attaching activated glow necklaces and glow stick to the perimeter of frisbee, you will have glow in the dark frisbees.This can be done quickly with masking tapes. The fact that it glows in the dark is very convenient, as you can keep playing with friends on beach, at park, etc.. You could also take glow frisbee while going camping and they can be used as a platter to put on food after the game.

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