How to Play the Super Lotto Plus

June 22, 2009



            The Super Lotto Plus California is the largest lottery in the State that is not a multi state game. Many people choose to play this game for any number of reasons instead of the multi state lottery games. For one, people feel that when supporting the local state game, they are sure that all of their money is going towards the educational system in their state. In addition, those local games are only played by people in one State, and therefore people feel like they have a better chance of winning when they are only playing with people also from their home State instead of against people from all over the country.


            The Super Lotto California game only costs a single dollar per draw, but you can play up to five draws on a single ticket, meaning that you can give yourself five times the chances to win! There is another great option for those who like to play the lottery on a regular basis. Instead of having to go the lottery outlet every week to buy your lottery tickets, you can also play your draws for many weeks in advance. You can buy up to 20 draws in advance on a single ticket, meaning that you can play your numbers for each of those draws without having to worry about going and purchasing a new ticket for every draw.


            The Super Lotto CA jackpot often reaches up into the tens of millions, and is built on a carryover structure so that if no one wins the jackpot, which is won by matching your five main numbers and your extra MEGA number, then the jackpot money is carried over to the following week, meaning that the jackpot increases every week that it is not won. This results in some truly massive jackpots, but there are also a number of smaller prizes which descend in value based on the amount of numbers matched to the draw. The prizes in descending order also alternate with new prize values for whether or not they have also matched the mega number, with the lowest valued prize consisting of only matching the MEGA number. This provides much better odds than some other lottery games which only offer prizes for matching more than one number, more difficult to do than simply getting the correct MEGA number, the odds of which are approximately 1 in 49.


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