How to Take better Candid Photos

June 24, 2009


Taking photographs of people have two categories.They are candid shots or portraits.

Portraits of course are the shots you take when your subject is striking a pose.While candids are when your subjects are going about their business naturally.

I would like to focus on taking candid shots.  There is an art to this form of photography and if you follow these few steps, you will be pleased with your work.  This is from my experience as a San Diego Photographer.

First off, don’t get in their way.  Most candid shots you take of course are going to be people going about their business, but the secret to taking a great shot like that is to make sure they are unaware of the shot.

Because a lot of times, if they happen to notice you, the essence of capturing that unguarded shot will be gone.  So try hard to make sure they are unaware of the camera. 

Another consideration is the setting or the environment.When you are going to take candid photos, the environment plays a big role.You want the candid photo to be able to capture the subject in their setting as natural as possible.It’s that setting
whether is is their house, their work, or the street they are on, will tell a story about your subject’s life.  This is especially important if you are going to be taking shots as a Wedding Photographer San Diego.

A third tip to think about is to anticipate behavior. An important part of taking candid shots of people acting naturally is to know what your subject may do next in a given situation.

This will help you if you are trying to catch something in particular because it will allow you to be prepared rather than miss the shot.Knowing how they are going to act in a given situation and then capturing it is all about anticipation.

Finally, look for those events that cause a person’s expressions to be expressed.  Because after all, when taking these types of shots, that is the main thing you want to capture in these candid shots is emotion.

Look at what your subject is doing and see if it will be a moment that will express emotion.Such as an expression of impatience at a stoplight.Or a happy expression at an event.All moments in time give you the opportunity to truly capture an emotion.Being ready for those types of moments helps you capture that moment in time to tell that story.

Taking shots that are candid is an art form in and of itself.Especially if you really want your candid photos to tell a story. Following these few simple steps will help you be on the road of capturing as many storytelling moments as possible as a photographer.

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