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May 9, 2009


The poker industry has had a massive growth in the number of active poker players. The change we are observing in all areas of the poker industry is truly remarkable. This article will discuss why people like poker, and what has caused it to become so popular.

Okay then, what is it about the game of poker, and in particular Texas Holdem? The reasons most people play poker are just a couple of  special things poker offers us. Here are a couple of examples that explain why so many of us like to play poker.

The battle between the players is very mental, that many people derive great satisfaction from. You see this in many different ways, such as tricky table talk. It’s hard to find something that beats making an outrageous bluff to win a monster pot.

This one won’t surprise anyone. People love to gamble. Playing in tournaments is less intimidating to many players, and these have become very popular. If you have enough persistence and determination, there is no reason you can�’t become an excellent poker player.

Poker has been in the background for years. Why did it all of a sudden become a game that everyone wants to play? A sequence of three separate things helped poker boom. The invention of the hold card camera, and the marriage between the Internet and poker, followed by a huge surprised at the 2003 WSOP created the boom in poker that we enjoy still.

Back in 1995 a professional poker player patented a device that was called a hole card camera. The hole card cam allows viewers to see what the players have in their hidden cards. This makes watching the hand play out much more interesting.

Live poker played online was the next event leading to our poker boom. People didn’t have to live near Las Vegas, or some other casino�s to play. You could play from anywhere you could get online. The convenience and low buy in games have dramatically affected the poker player base.

So, we now see a big increase in TV ratings with the new hole card camera. Couple that with the fact that are a lot more players getting involved in poker. The third event in this sequence triggered a rapid growth for the build up that had already started.

In the year 2003, an amateur player (Chris Moneymaker), beat out all the pros to take down the WSOP championship event, winning $2,500,000. The online poker presence at the live event made the purse swell to a huge number. As a result, poker simply exploded in popularity.

Big poker tournaments find the tables filled with many Hollywood super stars, everyone is getting into the game. These events have turned the poker world upside down. With the rest of the world catching on, poker continues to grow.

The magical combination of these three things put poker on a dynamic growth track. It is the online poker rooms where you see the big money, but even in Las Vegas, the poker rooms are getting a lot more attention these days. It is hard to see when this poker boom will slow down.

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