Improved performance through sports psychology

August 19, 2009


The unique thing about sports is the involvement of mental aspect in the game.  We have all seen talented athletes fail miserably. The most common reason as to why they fail is because they have a weak mental toughness.Due to a stronger mental attitude the physically inferior player beat the athletic player most of the time.This will be the instances when sports psychology comes in. It could teach players the right state of mind needed to achieve the peak of their performance.

In my sports psychologist San Diego practice I have seen athletes turn around their performance by applying some mental conditioning.An athlete who was once struggling with his performance was able to improve.This was the output of applying sports psychology.

So there are two ways that psychology can help.  It can help in the mental aspect of their on field performance.Their concentration and realxation can also be aided by this.

So as part of my San Diego family counselor practice there are many people who come in wanting to reach that peak performance. Their performance has shown a remarkable improvement when the techniques were applied.But there were some cases that were not successful.But the result for themajority of the cases has been successful.

It may seem strange but sports psychology also helps teens. But not necessarily regarding sports. The adolescent years provide circumstances that are similar to trying to succeed in sports.  So this has helped teens in my anger management San Diego services as well.

If you are wondering why your performance is lacking then maybe this is what could help you improve.Because most of the times the athletic ability is not what brings success to a player but the toughness of his mind.You may have the most gifted athlete in the world. But if they lack mental strength then their performance will not be at its best.Mental ability is the top reason why we succeed in life.

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