Increase Vertical Jump Training

July 25, 2009


Initiatives Necessary Before You Start Your Increase Vertical Jump Training

These three steps are necessary before you attempt to start your training exercises to increase your vertical jump. One, set challenging but realistic goals, two, construct a workout plan, and three, Do the workout you have planned. This will be a great start in order to see improvement or real change in your vertical jumping.

Lay out Pragmatic Ambitious and Measurable Goals

While you lay out your goals, they need to follow specified, measurable, real and ambitious. For some, this could constitute a sound goal. When determining goals, bear in mind your current fitness level, and how much time you’re prepared to spend in your training. For example: I want to increase my vertical leap by 10″ in 12 weeks. As you are able to see, this is precise, the advancement can be evaluated, and may be both pragmatic and stimulating for a lot of athletes. Some jocks who already have a good fitness level may set a more ambitious goal like doubling their vertical jump in 10 weeks. Some second-rate illustrations could be: I prefer to leap higher, I would like to slam dunk a basketball. Although slam-dunking is great incentive to keep conditioning, it’s advisable to adjust your goals to be specific and measurable.

For instance, if you acknowledge you’re 9″ from touching the rim, your goal ought to be increasing your vertical by 14″ to guarantee you are able to dunk. You will be able to evaluate this progress, and reaching this goal leads to dunking the basketball.

Design A Workout Plan

In future lessons, I will give you ideas on setting up a good plan. For now, you just need to know some kind of plan is required. Successful people from all walks of life have this in common; they all had a plan or strategy in mind to follow. It is best to have your plan written down and reviewed regularly, so you can keep focused on what your created plan.

Take Action On The Plan You Made

Once you have a goal and have created a workout plan then ALL you need to do is Do it! Eliminate all excuses, sacrifice, and get an accountability partner. Change is never easy, but when you accomplish your goals, it will be worth it!

It is also helpful to write down your initial performance and workout stats. You can make better adjustments on your original plan if necessary, making it harder or easier.

The goal of this lesson was for you to understand the importance of setting goals, creating a plan and working it to completion. If you are in the position to be able to use the same information that the pros use, go to Online Vertical Jump Training Program called Jump Manual.

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