Increase Your Winnings with These Slot Machine Tricks

June 20, 2009


No matter where you are today, you have probably heard of slot machines. These little machines are a large part of resort casino income with the sheer amount of people playing them. It has been recently estimated that over 80% of the people who are visiting casinos and resorts around the world are there to try their luck at the slot machines.


It isn’t just the elderly women with their large cups of nickels sitting at the slots anymore. Slot machines have gotten rid of their once less than stellar stigma and have replaced it with a “must play” when visiting casinos. It used to be that slots gaming wasn’t really worth the time, the money, or the effort to sit at and play. Payouts were rare and, when they did happen, it wasn’t worth the money you already pumped into it. Today, with the new technologies and incentives that resorts are pushing, payouts are much larger and the learning curve is virtually non-existent. In fact, anyone can play slots.


Does that mean there are no slot machine tricks? Not necessarily. People who have been playing slot machines for a long period of time all agree that there are some simple, common sense tricks to playing slots. For instance, to learn the ins and outs of playing slot machines, start first with the penny or nickel machines. You can learn how to play without losing a lot of money in the process.


Another great slot secret is to play slot machines in high traffic areas of the casinos. While all slot machines are set to hit jackpots at random times, the ones in the high traffic areas are set to hit jackpots at a higher rate than those that are off to the corners. Also, it is a widely known tip that you should avoid the slot machines that promise the big million dollar payouts. These are very attractive as the risk of winning million dollar jackpots is a huge temptation, but you will spend much more trying to win it. These are not penny machines, but machines where you are putting in $5, $10, and even $20 bills for the chance to play one time. One last slot tip; play one machine at a time. So many people lose track of their money when they are trying to play three to four machines at once.


Slot machines are not the scourge of the casino world anymore. People are playing them with great success and all agree that, by simply following some common sense rules, you can easily have an enjoyable gaming experience.


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