Inova 24/7 LED Flashlights – Latest 2009 Video Demonstration

June 29, 2009


Inova 24/7 LED Flashlights - Latest 2009 Video Demonstration

Inova 24/7 – The Swiss Army of Flashlights

Inova Store UK offers the revolutionary Inova 24/7 flashlight in 2 colours – yellow and olive drab. A new look handheld lighting tool that takes functionality to a higher level. 

The Inova 24/7 pushes handheld lighting design to the absolute limit. More than a styling exercise, it has an almost infinite number of uses wherever light is needed.

Inova 24/7 – Precision Engineered, Survival of the Best

A precision engineered multi function tool, the 24/7 operates flawlessly in extreme environments and broadly varying temperature ranges of between -20°C and +50°C, conditions where lesser flashlights would quickly show their inadequacies and falter. Utilising advanced LED technology, it gives users the option of eight steady and signal functions.

A stable base makes the 24/7 an ideal freestanding flashlight. It also comes with a built in, stainless steel clip for attaching to clothes or gear, and four special transport and mounting accessories to optimise its effectiveness.

Inova 24/7 – Incredibly Tough and Supreme Lighting Power

The Inova 24/7 is built using ultrasonically sealed polymer rugged construction and has recessed advanced lifetime LED technology that generates light within an effective range of 75’, also providing 2 mile signal visibility.

Inova 24/7 – 8 Signal Modes for Emergency Situations

The Inova 24/7 is ideal for emergency situations and has 8 ‘dial’ in functions comprising of S.O.S. Signal Mode using the 4 white LED’s, 3 Colour Distress Strobe using the red, white and yellow LED’s, 2 Colour Emergency Beacon using the red and yellow LED’s, Locator Beacon using the red LED’s, Night Vision Red, again using the red LED’s, Low Power using the 4 white LED’s, High Power maximising the 4 white LED’s and Signal Strobe, again using all 4 white LED’s.

Speak to Inova Store about the Full Range of Inova Products

Inova Store offers the full range of Inova flashlights and torches including Microlight LED keyring torches, Bolt Series torches, X-Series torches, T-Series tactical flashlight torches, 24/7 LED flashlights and accessories with optional laser engraving and free UK mainland delivery. For detailed descriptions, comparison charts and information on the latest released, please call 0844 5678 123 or email 


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