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June 12, 2009


Take a look at some movie reviews we have prepared. To find a movie download site you need to do the right search. There are a lot of different phrases you can use, try “Buy Movie Download”, “Film Downloads”, or “Best Movie Download Site”.

Red Sorghum: Evocative, beautifully filmed amalgamation drama, black comedy, kid story, fable which journals a most untraditional union between a set of rural lovers throughout the 1920s. The years pass, a new years shows up, and with it materialize Japanese invaders. Cast includes Gong Li, Jiang Wen, Liu Ji, Teng Rijun, and Qian Ming. (91 minutes, 1987)

Close Your Eyes: Scotland Yard investigator Henderson draws hypnothethapist Visnjic into a difficult case engaging a serial murderer and a little gal who’s been shocked frombeing held hostage by him. Mixing occult factors with a whodunit, this unique, sincerely scary thriller stays on target right to the end. Cast includes Goran Visnjic, Shirley Henderson, Miranda Otto, Paddy Considine, Claire Rushbrook, Fiona Shaw, Coon Redgrave, and Sophie Stuckey (103 minutes, 2003)

The Mark:  Whitman is phenomenal in his depiction of spiritually busted sex offender who has served his time and now desires to make new start. Cast includes Stuart Whitman, Maria Schell, Rod Steiger, Brenda De Hanzie, Maurice Denham, Donald Wolfit, Paul Rogers, and Donald Houston.  (127 minutes, 1961)

Blind Faith: 2 brothers, one a patrol commander and the other a defense attomey, find their relation and their own sense of self esteem as black gentlemen in 1950s America turned upside down while the commander’s child is implicated in a murderer. Tough and striking drama, which opens in the late ’80s, concentrates on the racial separate and unfair due process system. Cast includes Courtney B. Vanee, Charles S. Dutton, Kadeem Hardison, Lonette McKee, and Garland Whitt.  (107 minutes, 1998)

The Thief of Paris: Intense comedy-drama with personal problems turning Belmondo to thievery for reprisal against the world. Eventually he finds that robbery has become his entire life. Cast includes Jean-Paul Belmondo, Genevieve Bujold, Marie Dubois, Francoise Fabian, and Julien Guiomar.  (119 minutes, 1967)

Sugarbaby: Its love at first sighty for fat mortuary attendant Sagebrecht and subway train driver Swig in this droll romantic satire. Actors and tale are oftbeat, although the avant-garde lighting outcomes and camcorder movements by cinematographer Johanna Heer become irritating. Cast includes Marianne Sagebrecht and Eisi Swig. (87 minutes, 1985)

Jurassic Park III: Amusing popcorn film that takes a recipe and plays it for all it’s worth as professor-paleontologist Neill is convinced to lead an expedition to the prohibited island where dinosaurs wander, however obviously he hasn’t been informed of the realities. The movie is full of scares, and lots of fun proving that a thriller kind doesn’t have to be dumb. Cast includes Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan, Michael Jeter, John Diehl, and Bruce A. Young.  (93 minutes, 2001)

A Southern Yankee: Comical Skelton comedy set throughout Civil War with Cherry a bumbling Yankee agent down South. Comparable to silent flim comedies as Buster Keaton concocted numerous of the film’s gags. Cast includes Red Skelton, Brian Donlevy, Arlene Dahl, George Coulouris, Lloyd Gough, John Ireland, Charles Dingle, and Joyce Compton.  (90 minutes, 1948)

After the Rehearsal: Fuller returned to filmmaking after a long hiatus with this lucid, autobiographical account of a particular infantly battalion and its courageous sergeant throughout WW2. Difficult to trust one film might bundle so much into its narrative, an opulent, moving, practical, and poetic film. Carradine depicts and plays Fuller’s doppelganger, complete with cigar. Cast includes Erland Josephson, Ingrid Thulin, Lena Olin, Nadja PaJrnstjema-Weiss, and Bertil Guve.  (112 minutes, 1984)

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