Is the Axial AX10 The Right RC Rock Crawler For You?

August 22, 2009


Fashion Or Function
RC crawler enthusiasts will tell you that the components of an rc rock crawler are the critical parts of the vehicle. However, looks matter too. Plus, many of the parts of most rc crawlers are very much alike.The components to pay special attention to are:

  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Rims
  • Steering
  • Chassis
  • Servos
  • Battery
  • Motor

The body shell is an expression of your taste and is the most important part to change and therefore should also be a consideration. When selecting the crawler of your choice, take some time and choose the rc rock crawler that has the body shell you really like. There are two different rc rock crawlers that should be at the top of your list for performance and prestige.

Axial AX10 Scorpion
There are three versions of the AX10 that are really great. Out of the box, the AX10 RTC (means Ready To Crawl) is ready to go. Easily remove it from its box, charge it up and go. The AX10 ARTR requires full construction before you run it. The AX10 RTR has the ability to not only crawl but race also.

I like the AX10 because it sports many standard features that are considered upgrades for other rc rock crawlers. The transmission is 4 wheel drive standard which is a huge plus and not standard for many rc rock crawlers.

AX10 has the 2.2 8 hole beadlock rims which make it an upscake crawler as many crawlers have glued rims rather than beadlocks. The drivetrain is smoother thanks to the full ball bearings that come with the AX10. All models contain the brushless electric motora as the power plant to motor these vehicles over the rocks.

The AX10 RTR and RTC Models
The RTC model is packed with the all new 72-103mm shocks. With the Lexan Upper-Link Plate, you can relocate electronics using the plate which helps lower CG (center-of-gravity).
Unlike the RTR, the RTC also sports the Pro-Line Hammers with Pro-Line Memory Foams. The RTR has the 27T motor while the RTC has the 55T motor.

The AX10 RTR and RTC models come with a differential locker that locks the front and rear differentials for true 4 wheel drive. 4WD allows all wheels to maximize traction when crawling.

Like the RTC the ARTR comes standard with the Pro-Line Hammer with Pro-Line Foams tires for more flexibility when climbing over rocks. The 55T electric motor gives the ARTR its power.

Which One Is For You?
The RTR is really more for racing on rocks than for crawling. This is one of the reasons for the smaller engine and the Rock Lizard tires instead of the Pro-Lines offered on the other models. If you want to build the rc rock crawler before you run it, go with the ARTR. If you want to a total rc rock crawler experience right away, get the RTC. Happy Crawling.

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