Itching for Excitement? Try One of the Regional Casinos!

May 21, 2009


Let’s face it; most of us who dream of big money making opportunities in short periods of time are usually willing to take a risk somewhere along the line. So what does that make us? Gamblers. Yes, we gamble on our future but, if it didn’t ever pay off, then we probably wouldn’t bother with it would we?

Some of the very best places to gamble are regional casinos. Why? Well, most of the regional or state based casinos are much smaller than the big dogs in Vegas. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have less of a good time just because the casino is smaller. Don’t sell yourself short. These little gems can be one heck of a good time – especially if you win!

Take Casino Omaha, for instance. This little casino houses around 450 slots and a handful of table games. That doesn’t even come close to comparing with any Vegas casino; however, Casino Omaha offers several enjoyable and money saving treats for their guests. They even have a magnificent conference room that can be rented for meetings and other special events. Aside from that, their Monday and Thursday poker tournaments are loads of fun. Bring your poker face!

Of course, if you want to find more than one great regional casino, Oregon is a state that offers many. While the casinos vary in size, there is one commonality among them; they are all Native American run Casinos. In fact, the state is currently in discussion regarding the possibility of allowing the first non-reservation casino ever to be allowed in Oregon. It’s been proposed by the governor to be a state run endeavor with proceeds going directly to the state to offset and hopefully to eventually erase their deficit.

Finally, California is another state that offers many a great casino. San Diego is home to Viejas, Barona, Pala, Sycuan, and Harrah’s Rincon. Surely, San Diego can cure your gambling fever and allow you to relax and enjoy yourself at the same time. Several of the casinos in this area boast luxurious amenities, such as spas, salons, plush hotels, golf courses, and top notch cuisine choices. In Cali, the expectations are high and the casinos know that. You can rest assured that these glittery gambling joints are “putting on the Ritz” for their guests.


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