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May 30, 2009


While other programs are the ideas/methods used by one person on which exercises, training, diet, etc. can best increase your ability to jump higher, Jump Experts takes a much different approach. While the website states that there are instructions from “13” experts, there are actually EIGHTEEN of the top “vertical jump” experts in the world that contributed to this project. These are combined together into one product that definitely covers vertical jump training from every direction imaginable. You will find out about stair running, sprints, squats, kettle balls, “band” exercises, stretching, and several others. You will also find out about specific techniques, warming up, warming down, muscle function, and other “technical” aspects involved in jumping.

Virgil Aponte is the “author” of the book. He came up with the idea of gathering information from many different sources, contacted all of them and turned all their contributions into a excellent program! The information in the materials has been used by countless of the world’s top athletes – professional players in the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, & MLS; NCAA players; and Olympic athletes from many countries.

This is a 8 week program originally designed to maximize an players’s vertical jump for basketball. But, the training included is applicable to any sport where jumping is an advantage (football, soccer, volleyball, etc.)

Each expert provides their unique take on vertical jump training including body part functions, recommended exercises, what TO do and what NOT TO do, specific applications, etc. Because of this, Jump Experts may be the most broad and comprehensive collection of instruction material on increasing your vertical jump. As a matter of fact, two of the experts that Vince got to contribute also happen to be authors of their own products.

As a bonus for purchasing The Jump Experts, you will also get three additional hours of audio interviews with the contributors to this program. There are also an additional five books included that cover additional health, diet, stretching, and exercise topics. And, just in case you thinkk the material may get outdated, you also get all future updates that may ever become available for this program!

Jump Experts provides all the information you will need to increase your vertical jump very fast!

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