Keep on Your Diet inside Check on Halloween

October 17, 2009


The biggest problem with these Halloween sweets is that they have plenty of calories per serving and little nutritional value. Plus, the slighter “fun-size” treats often fool dieters into thinking that they can eat multiple pieces devoid of harming their diets. But t just takes 9 of these mini-candy bars to add a quarter of a pound of fat to your body.

Beyond candy, Halloween is also filled with other indulgent treats. Whether it is pumpkin pie, gooey popcorn balls, or sweet candied apples, there is no shortage of calories during the month of October.

What can you do?

Obviously, there is no way that you can fully eliminate candy from Halloween using spoiling all of the fun. So here are a few tips to help you stick to your diet, as always allowing yourself the occasional sweet indulgence.

• Walk when trick-or-treating. Not simply is it a fantastic idea to supervise your kids even as they are out trick-or-treating, it will improve you burn a few extra calories as you do it, even if you are walking slowly.

• Store leftovers inside the cupboard. If you leave the Halloween candy out in plain sight, you will be extra possible to indulge inside the “occasional” snack. Storing it in an unmarked container in the cupboard will help reduce the temptation to have a taste.

• Wait until Halloween to purchase candy. Yes, it does mean a little bit of last minute shopping, but having candy inside the house prior to Halloween is merely a temptation to eat it. If waiting until Halloween to shop is only not practical using your schedule, simply purchase candy that you personally don’t care for.

• Make available candy alternatives. Whether it is treats for the trick-or-treaters or munchies for your Halloween party, thinking well when you shop be able to make easier keep diet destructive foods to the minimum. Consider handing out stickers or pencils to trick-or-treaters, and look for veggie trays using well dips and other low fat snacks for your party.

• Make available Halloween candy a deadline. Want a date when every Halloween candy needs to be out of the house or eaten by the kids. Some remaining candy on that day must be thrown out. Alternatively, divide up surplus candy into freezer bags and store in the freezer. This will assist prevent the temptation to snack.

• Focus on other activities. If you can, consider skipping trick-or-treating altogether and focus on an activity that doesn’t center around food. Hayrides, haunted houses, and bonfires can all be fun activities that the whole family can participate inside.

Of course, if you can’t keep your Halloween temptations to a minimum, your other alternative is to spend any more era at the gym working the pounds off. The choice is up to you.

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