Keep Your Head Warm

November 2, 2009


What is a face mask? Around 50% of body heat is lost through the head and neck because of the rich supply of blood vessels to these areas. Conversely, should you begin to overheat, take off your hat or gloves to vent quickly. 
This Serius Inovation Balaclava Mask is a must have. Balaclava mask works very well on those cool nights on motorcycle to keep my neck warm and bug free. This is a great product.Anyone who lives in an area of the world where the winters hit temperatures in the single or negative digits may be found wearing a balaclava mask to prevent wind burn or frost bite. Balaclava mask is made of good heavy cloth that feels as though it will protect from the wind, etc and will be reasonably but not very warm. This garment is basically a very long hat, with a slit for the eyes. It will definitely keep your face warm this winter.
In the case of the patterns, Balaclava doesn’t represent a town in any country around the world. Motorcycle riders riders have had a tough time finding gear made for them at an affordable price until fairly recently.
If you have made a decision concerning a motorcycle than you need one of these. If you have a bike you need one. Clothing that seems fine when you are driving your car or walking down the street in the rain probably wont cut it at 70 miles an hour on your motorcycle. You can wear it down over your face when its cold and roll it up to wear as a bob hat, but still keeping a peak to shield the eyes from the elements. Either of these winter skin conditions are severe health issues when dealing with extreme cold weather. River Road Balaclava Mask is one of the most popular.
This head cover provides warmth with an excellent fit. It wicks moisture away and enhances breathability during any physical activity. It got its name by the Balaklava. British soldiers even had them. Modern balaclava masks can be made from a number of materials. It has a seam down the middle of the nose and mouth area but just wear the seam on the outside and you can’t feel it.

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