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October 28, 2009


The aggravation marble game as the name implies is aggravating everyone you know and they will aggravate you in return. The game is funny and really entertaining. It perks up everyone and makes them really hilarious. It is a popular family pastime.Still and for many years, several people find interest in playing this thirty-year old game.

Every player in aggravation marble game has marbles. You need to race your marbles around the board then roll the dice and start moving.  The first player to get all four of their marbles from their base to their home wins the game.  There are certain techniques allowed by the rules like taking some shortcuts to shoot across the board. It is always appealing to take a shortcut. However, an opponent might be waiting for the chance to aggravate you. Beware!

By landing on another player’s marble, anyone can send that marble back to its base to start again. And this could be a serious setback, since the object is to get all four marbles. In doing so you are aggravating your opponents.  You are sending them back to their bases waiting for the next move. This aggravation marble game is truly fun! But be careful always for they will also do the same to you. 

This type of game is also closely related to several other similar games in which you move marbles around a game board. These include Trouble, Parcheesi and Sorry! games. The aggravation marble game consists of twenty four marbles, an eighteen-inch board the least, die, and rules. 

For those interested, the rules of the game can be found on certain web sites that deal on this type of game.  You can also browse online for the other sizes and colors that might interest you.  There are catalogs for products and prices which you can find online for aggravation marble game.

There has to be some form of recreation in your home that keeps you busy without sweating too much on physical and strenuous activities. You should try Aggravation Marble Game. Its design is quite interesting where it allows about four players who love to play marble games. Simply visit this site at to know more about the game.

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