Las Vegas Chain Of Sunset Station Casinos

June 11, 2009


            Sunset Station hotel and casino facilities now have locations all over the country, and are among the premium hotel and casino resorts to stay at in each city that they are located within. Of course, the most famous of the Sunset Station facilities is without a doubt in the greatest city on earth for gambling resorts and casinos, which is of course the Sunset Station Vegas. The resort has a great hotel, as well as a fantastic casino floor and excellent dining to ensure that visitors to the city can enjoy their complete holiday all within the comforts of the Sunset Station.


            Sunset Station San Antonio is another of the great Station family of casinos in Las Vegas, the Texas Station. This is another great facility which offers good entertainment, rooms, dining, and gaming. As an example of the great gaming offered at these facilities, the Texas Station offers 24 hours of casino gaming. There are over 8000 slot machines in the casino for people to enjoy at all hours of the day, as well as a wide variety of table games. Of course, the flagship of this casino and of most casinos these days is the poker room, always sure to be one of the busiest spots in the building.


            The Sunset Station Nevada chain of resorts includes more than simple gambling hall and hotel combinations, although they certainly know how to build those as well! Other properties owned by the company include the Green Valley Ranch spa resort. Being a Vegas destination, gambling is certainly included, but the focus of this facility is the Spa facility and hotel packages which bundle your stay with some relaxation and pampering from the very best in the business.  They are also a host to more great entertainment, which recent acts including classic bands like Tears for Fears and Lynard Skynard.


            Another property includes the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa. This is a perfect destination for couples to visit. One of the most popular vacation packages offered by this resort includes a room, spa, and golf package, ensuring that everyone is going to find something enjoy during their stay. Another, even better known casino, the Wild Wild West, is owned by the Station chain, and provides a great, theme oriented casino for people looking for stay that feels different than some of the older or more clichéd hotels on the strip.


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