Laughlin Places Bets on Colorado Belle

June 6, 2009


Nevada will always remain a huge magnetic spot for millions of vacationers, holiday makers and gamblers. The Colorado Belle Casino is strategically located right on the river; offering a gorgeous panoramic view for its guests. Not only that, but this casino also offers nearly 1200 rooms and suites; ensuring that you have a great chance of booking your stay at the Belle.

Colorado Belle Laughlin replicates a 19th century Mississippi paddle wheel riverboat and it stands on the beautiful Colorado River, yet still in the popular Laughlin Casino Row. Guests may stroll along the riverwalk and enjoy the serene waters as they survey the scenic Arizona landscape. The hotel and casino features unique rooms with several amenities. Many of the suites are located within the boats two massive towers. Nearly all of the rooms offer spectacular views of the clear beautiful waters of the Colorado River and the magnificent Arizona landscape. Forty nine suites with Jacuzzi type tubs, multiple head showers, plush robes and a host of other amenities make lodging with Colorado Belle an unforgettable experience.

For those who are not captivated by the rooms, suites, or the leisurely serene riverwalk, the expansive casino is home to both live and electronic games. For Captain’s Table Games, the ‘B’ Deck features the main casino where both experts and novices alike can play craps, Let it Ride, Paid Gow Poker, blackjack and roulette. The same deck also features the main keno lounge. For novices, the casino professionals may offer winning card gambling strategies. With Let it Ride or Texas Hold’em, making the best odds mathematically increases the novice’s chances of beating the house. 

A wide variety of slot machines with several different denominations and styles are available for some fast paced gambling entertainment. Available styles of machines range from the traditional 3 reel to the technologically advanced video screen slots complete with bonus rounds. With time, guests play smart, win more and maximize their chances of getting the bonuses, winning a jackpot or increasing their stay.

It is on the ‘D’ deck that the great dining experience is nurtured. Mark Twain’s specializes in barbecue; featuring fabulous steaks, tender baby back ribs, succulent shrimp and fresh seafood. Captain’s Buffet is home to a variety of tasty treats as well as a champagne brunch and a delectable special for Fridays – the Seafood Spectacular Buffet! Paddlewheel offers American style dishes and several wonderful appetizers while the Boiler Room gives guests the chance to enjoy some of the best pizzas, gourmet burgers and mesquite grilled steaks that Laughlin has to offer.

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