Learn Ballroom Dancing – A Quick Read

October 26, 2009


Ballroom dancing is a social dance and a very easy type of dancing that does not require any kind of professionalism. In fact, anyone can learn ballroom dancing with a little bit of research and a couple of days practice. Before you start your hand at trying to learn ballroom dancing, you need to decide whether you want to learn ballroom dancing to participate at social events or whether you want to compete at it. This decision will guide you to find the right ballroom dancing instruction. Social dancing classes are taught at college campuses throughout the United States. This isn’t your only option, though. There will be other less formal, but good enough ballroom, dancing lessons in your city. Once you have enrolled at such ballroom dancing sessions, get yourself a good ballroom dance dress with appropriate shoes.

Attending dance lessons may be the hardest for those with no dance background. What you should remember here is that, even the most professional dancer started out sometime at a beginner’s dance course. So quit feeling shy or intimated by the crowd and concentrate on the dance steps taught. Carefully observe dance movements and style, whether it is at your ballroom dancing lessons or on television. A faster way to learn ballroom dancing is by watching other’s dance. Try to grasp the basic steps before you move on to the lifts and flips. Once you get a hold of a few basic steps, pratice it. It will help you get comfortable when you set foot onto the dance floor.

When dancing the ballroom dances, there are certain accepted practices to adhere to. Don’t turn down a request to dance unless you can’t avoid it. It is considered good etiquette to always accept a dance. If you must refuse, then give the asker a reason for it, and be specific. Also, if you are not familiar with the dance in question, it is best to sit it through and suggest joining in the next dance. It is not a must to provide a reason for declining a dance but is considered polite. Being polite is, as always, appreciated on the dance floor.

Finally, to give you a head start at your attempt to learn ballroom dancing, the initial step at most ballroom dances requires the lead to move his left foot forward while the partner moves her right foot backwards.

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