Leatherman Knives - Using US Made Steel

June 10, 2009


What kind of steel is used to make the full range of Leatherman knives? Why? How does this steel compare to other steel types?


Crater™-Series: 420HC
Created using Crucible Metals and made in the US. 420HC is used because it has good edge retention (stays sharp), toughness (it’s not brittle) and is corrosion resistant.


The Leatherman Crater Series of made up of these models:


Leatherman Crater c33Lx Locking Knife

Leatherman Crater c33Tx Locking Knife

Leatherman Crater c33Bx Locking Knife


Expanse™-Series: 154CM
Also made in the US using Crucible Metals. 154CM is used because it has superior edge retention, toughness and corrosion resistance in comparison to 420. Leatherman Tool Group Inc has used its advanced CATRA edge retention test equipment to compare 154CM to 420, and the 154CM holds an edge approximately 3 x longer.


The Leatherman Expanse Series is made up of these models:


Leatherman Expanse e33Lx Locking Knife

Leatherman Expanse e33Tx Locking Knife

Leatherman Expanse e33Bx Locking Knife


Steens® and Klamath®: S30V®
US made from Crucible Metals premium grade stainless steel created especially for knives. It is a powder made steel, with uniform structure and clean steel properties. S30V blades are even more corrosion resistant and keep their edges significantly longer than 154CM; according to Leatherman test results, 6 x longer than 420.


Rockwell hardness by steel type:
420HC: 55-59
154CM: 58-60
S30V: 58-60


Other blade steels:
440C is commonly used for knives and has been tarnished with a bad name for its ubiquity. ATS-34 is another common high end steel; it is basically another version of 154CM favoured and used in Japan. S60V is another premium steel with superior edge retention.


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